You Can’t Save What You Don’t Know You’ve Got and You Can’t Lose What You Never Had

   With help from residents, friends and visitors, the Weston Conservation Commission is assembling an online database of plant and animal life called The Field Guide to Weston, using the open-source platform of Everyone can contribute observations, photos, and even sound recordings (think peepers!) from in and around Weston.
   Spring is a great time for spotting wildlife and we invite you to add your own entries to The Field Guide to Weston. An information session will be held on Saturday, April 11, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. at the Wilder Memorial Library in Weston for anyone interested in participating in this fun (and educational!) project. Use the Contact Us tab at the top of this page to send your questions or to request more information.

When did you see your first robin this year?