Flood Ready?

The best time to think of a flood is before it happens and the Vermont Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security has announced a series of ice jam/spring flood summits throughout the state in March. Town and city officials will receive updates on local flood outlooks and discuss available state resources in case of flooding or other disaster. This is the second year DEMHS has sponsored these summits.

It may be hard to imagine flooding with the rivers covered in ice and the woods full of snow, but the rivers are going to thaw and the snow is going to melt. How to deal with extra water as it moves from Point A (upstream) to Point B (downstream) is the subject of Flood Ready Vermont, a website with a wealth of information about preparing for and dealing with floods in our state, including many lessons learned in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene. Irene was not Vermont’s first big flood event and certainly won’t be the last, but perhaps the next one can be less destructive and disruptive to lives and infrastructure.

Roads in Weston are protected by ditches and culverts designed to keep water moving in an orderly fashion and minimize damage as it passes. Property owners in Weston are responsible for the repair and replacement of driveway and private road culverts within the Town right-of-way and are also obligated to maintain culverts, ditches and other structures within the right-of way “particularly if they impact or will potentially impact the public road.” For more information on doing your part to keep things flowing in Weston, see the Town’s Highway Access Policy (also available on the Town’s website http://www.westonvt.org/ under “Forms”.

A bit larger than your average driveway culverts, here is an interesting video about the Forest Service culverts on Jenny Coolidge Brook in Weston and the impact of Irene:

And from the Connecticut River Watershed Council, a video showing changes along Mill Brook in Windsor and a demonstration of Why Rivers Move and Erode:

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